Contact Me

I have a wealth of experience in systems analysis, database design and desktop application development. I am happy to talk to any organisation or business about the solutions I can offer.


TearDrop Software was formed in 2000 and has successfully undertaken the development of a variety of desktop applications for a number of clients.


To be specific, my expertise is in creating Windows-based database applications for office environments in which the software is installed and run on a single PC or installed on a network server and run on a number of PCs over a local area network. I offer my services to small or medium-sized businesses that would benefit from a bespoke software system to run either their core business or perhaps a specific area within their business.


In appreciating that the decision to adopt a bespoke solution is a significant one, I look to minimise the risk to the client by;


         Offering a free initial consultation to assess the requirement and to determine whether I can offer a solution.

         Providing a no obligation formal quote.

         Developing and demonstrating a free partial prototype.

         Providing a copy of the full final source code (that could be taken to another developer).


Only after satisfactory demonstration of the prototype would a commitment from the client be required.


I am confident that, should a need be identified, I could develop a very reliable, cost-effective and user-friendly solution for your business. If you feel that my services may be able to assist your business then please feel free to contact me at any time.


I look forward to hearing from you.